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Work-related stress is considered a serious concern for employers, workers and safety representatives across all employment sectors in EU. The existence of the Framework Directive 89/391/EEC and the Framework Agreement signed by EU Social Partners in 2004 with the obligation to implement in each MS, have clearly created the basis to step up efforts towards the establishment of (more) appropriate rules to identify, prevent and manage with problems of work-related stress.


As the Commission “Report on the implementation of the EU social partners’ Framework Agreement on Work-related Stress” (2011) states, the “Agreement has contributed to improving cooperation between workers and employers in efforts seeking to identify, prevent and manage stress”.


Starting from the statement, the partnership has identified the need for specific joint actions to explore the role of EMPLOYERS, WORKERS and the SAFETY REPRESENTATIVES (Strategic Alliance) in managing and preventing work-related stress risks in national SMEs system, where we can observe a lack of literature on the application of OSH rules (see: ESNER report;EU-OHSA,2012).A network of National Social Partners, Research Centres and stakeholders will be committed to realize a comparative Handbook structured in THREE sections, with the general objective to increase the awareness and understanding of Strategic Alliance members through:


1)An extensive and comparative overview on the measures, rules and policy implemented in each participating Country after the EU Agreement and Directive.


2)Identifying and describing the necessary management skills and capacities for Sector Skills Alliance members to put in place effective and efficient work-related stress risk prevention strategies.


3)Providing successful initiatives and recommendations to improve the current national policy on work-related stress issues. Besides, Consortium will provide a final technical Toolkit on the basic rules to prevent and assess the work-related stress risks.

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